Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My Superhero ♥

Heyyo and Assalamualaikum Readers , haii hari ni sy tgok tumblr kakak2 cun semua pastuh terjumpa gambar2 ni . scrool bawah , exercise jari sikit .


Haaa ? kenal tak sape tu ? tu laa Zayn Malek , ahli kumpulan One Direction . Ensem kan dia ? Sy minat sgt2 kat dia . Superb Awesome Man , Umur dia baru 19tahun . Ni ada sikit biography dia -:

Is a member of boy band One Direction.
Had he not auditioned for The X Factor, he would have liked to do an English Degree at University in the hopes of becoming a teacher.
Confirmed that he and Belle Amie member Geneva Lane are a couple after The X Factor ended in December 2010.
During the bootcamp rounds of "The X Factor" (2004) in 2010, Malik was noted for disappearing during the dance routine as he felt nervous and uncomfortable about dancing in front of people, as he said he "can't dance". Simon Cowell found him sitting backstage and convinced him to participate anyway because if he didn't he'd be ruining the opportunity for himself. Returning to the dance routine proved to be a good move as he was later put into boy band One Direction.
Is known as "The Vain One" in One Direction.
One Direction were formed at the bootcamp stage of "The X Factor" (2004) in 2010 when the judges felt Malik, Louis TomlinsonLiam Payne,Harry Styles and Niall Horan were too good to throw away, but not interesting enough to make it as soloists. The decision to put the five boys in the group proved to be popular as they made it to The X Factor final and were the only band to be included on the 2011 X Factor Tour.
He got over his fear of water when One Direction filmed the music video for "What Makes You Beautiful".
He has an ear piercing.

#Tak tahu laa betol ke tidak tu . Apepun sy minat gila laa kat dia . K dah nak Maghrib ni , saya off dulu . K Assalamualaikum :'>